International Final Conference
Interactive Conservation Platform for orchids native to Greece and Turkey (ICON)
18-21 April 2017, Antalya/Turkey

Oral Presentations

– Oral presentations should be prepared in English.

– Contributed oral presentations are 30 minutes long, including for questions and discussion.

– It can be presented by corresponding author or one of the co-authors.

– Oral presentations are to be made either using the PC that will be available in the session room (Windows system + Power point).

–  Translation can be provided (all slides should be written in English).


Poster Presentations

– Poster presentations can be prepared in English or Turkish.

– Corresponding author or co-authors must be present and available for discussion at the poster session in English.

– Recommended poster dimension is 70 x 100 cm. The posters must not exceed the size limit.

– Posters are supposed to be readable from a distance of 1.5-2 meters.

–  Posters should include conference logo at the top of the right corner.

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